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Technological advancements in recent years have enhanced the use of video walls. Video walls are comprised of digital signage monitors placed beside one another, creating the illusion of one enormous display screen. The video wall can show either one large picture or the monitors can be controlled separately, based on what you desire...

A large screen display has the ability to capture the attention of your targeted audience, by immersing them within the environment depicted on screen. Video walls provide more to your displays than just a nice decoration. As technology has advanced, video walls have also progressed to adapt to the change. Video walls are comprised of flat panel displays, which take up less space and look sleek and professional. Video wall graphics are also viewable in HD technology, providing a clean and bright appearance. High definition allows for a realistic viewing experience, engrossing the audience in the action on screen. Live television can also be presented on the displays, allowing for your audience to view breaking news, football games, etc. Provide a detailed and dynamic menu board or presentation screen that is viewable to the public.

We provide an efficient and user-friendly solution for setting up video walls. Select from either a server or SaaS (software as a solution service) for your video wall. Our software can accommodate an unlimited number of screens which are used to target your audience.

In addition with a SaaS or server, 4DigitalSignage provides digital signage players which are able to run the number of screens you are looking to set up for your audience. Display your screens all day, every day using players which are simple to connect and operate.

A customized digital signage player is necessary for more than five screens. The specifications for a customized digital signage player include display ports which are compatible with HDMI, VGA, or DVI. The internal components can be customized based on the customerís wishes.

The web-based interface enables for optimal control and customization of your screens. We deliver a highly simple web-based interface which allows for you to send out content to specific screens or in its entirety.

Video walls are extremely effective in reaching your target audience. Multi-screen displays can be used for presentations, digital menu boards, and more. Our players can deliver the following for your audience.

2 screens: Two screens are extremely effective in reaching your target audience. You can use a View Media 50 or an all-in-one SignEdge 50 media player to run two screens. The ViewMedia 50 is compatible with Linux or Windows and the SignEdge is compatible with Linux. Both players consist of a 2.5GHz CPU with built in graphics.

3-4 Screens: Three to four screens are great to use as a digital menu board or for providing a presentation. The ViewMedia Xtreme and the RackMedia Xtreme are players that have the capability to effortlessly run four screens. The specifications are compatible with Windows 7 or Linux. The CPU includes an i3 processor which can be upgraded to i5 or i7...


5-6 screens: For more than four screens, Our players provide a customized player which can smoothly run your video wall and requires little maintenance. Reach your audience using crisp and clear graphics which can all be created using our simple to use web-based interface.


7-8 screens: Installing 7-8 screens are great to display for large-sized corporations or for educational institutions.

9-10 screens: Entertain your audience using stunning graphics. With super slim bezels, you can emphasize your dynamic content for your audience.

11-12 screens: Set up a dozen screens for the outdoors or indoors. Commercial grade monitors enable for you to control the brightness level of your displays. Our customized digital signage players enables for your displays to operate for a long period of time without fail.


13-14 screens: Present stunning visuals for your consumers. A customized digital signage player can deliver content which are tailored for your screens. Schedule your content to display up to the minute information for your audience.

15-16 screens: Reach your audience by displaying a stunning 15-16 screen video wall. Using a simple to navigate web-interface, you can easily create content which can be applied to all screens. Be able to remotely access your content and make modifications with a simple click of a button.

17 or more screens: Display content in separate screens or in its entirety. No matter how large you would like for you video wall to be, Our players enable for you to display high-quality graphics which can be distributed throughout multiple screens.

Our players provide you with the option to deliver content tailored specifically for your audience. No matter how many screens you would like to set up, We enable for you to fit content for all screens without distorting or stretching the original image.

Our players offer you a premium, yet low-cost software which can handle as many screens you would like to set up. Our user-friendly interface allows for you to create layouts and release content within minutes.





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